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Track Your Headphones™

Now you can track the progress of your headphones repair online. You can see at all moment where they are and what's going on with them. And yes, it's so popular that we trademarked it!

Free Shipping Both Ways

Your headphones are picked up and go to the tech shop for free! All quotes by technicians include free shipping and packaging, which can end up costing a fortune if you do it on your own. You only pay for return shipping.

Safe Payment

Your money is safe with us. We process all payments so technicians only get paid once you receive your fixed headphones back and are happy with them. They couldn't fix them? You pay nothing.

Headphone Repair Service

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The savvy technicians you'll find at Fixmonk can fix almost every popular headphones set out there.


Solo / Studio / Pro / Excecutive / EP / MixR / urBeats / Powerbeats / and more


QuietComfort 1 QC-2 QC-15 QC-20 QC-25 / SoundLink / SoundTrue / AE / OE / and more


PXC 450 / MM 450-x / IE 60 / IE 80 / HD 380 / HD 650 / Momentum / and more

Real Reviews

All techs reviews are made by paying customers only. Forget about fake paid Facebook reviews or fake website testimonies. Once you get your headphones fixed, you can leave an honest review too!

Certified Technicians

We pre-screen all technicians and companies that join our headphones repair marketplace. You can rest assure that they are real people with certified experience in the electronic repair arena.

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You can easily compare prices across multiple technicians at the same time, all in one screen. All prices shown include labor, packaging, prepaid shipping labels, and fees. Easy to understand, easy to choose.

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Our powerful technology, Track Your Headphones™, allow us to greatly serve all the US regions. Whether you live in California, New York, Florida, etc, Fixmonk let you fix your headphones secure and conveniently. Give us a try today!